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Welcome to Africa`s best virtual airline.

Fly Yadley Virtual Airline is a non-profit entity aimed at providing an engaging learning experience for aviation enthusiasts. If you are interested in a serious virtual airline, designed for both the expert pilot and the beginner, Fly Yadley is home 😆 

We love you and we trust that you will consider a lifelong virtual airline career with us.

TT Mabuto

Ms T.T Mabuto

Chief Executive Officer

Fly Yadley Virtual Airline

Let`s Fly The World

Fly Yadley


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Fly Yadley is renowned for encouraging enthusiasm and innovation in the world of flight. We deeply care about your aviation future.
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We challenge ourselves to make the world greener. We also work to protect the health and safety of the people who work in our airline.
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We are committed to ongoing training and development of our pilots. One of the most significant hallmarks of Fly Yadley is quality training.

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