Our Love for the ENVIRONMENT



Our Passion For The Environment

As a young and growing airline, one of our passions is to make eco-efficiency  and sustainability the cornerstones of all our operations – both in the air, and on the ground. We are just serious about a greener world.

Yes We Can Fly!

Our Investment Into The Environment

Fly Yadley intensively invests in the most modern, eco-efficient technology available– in aircraft, engines and ground equipment. We strive to be leaders in eco-efficiency in our industry and in our region.

Yes We Can Fly!

Our Respect For The Environment

Our office work make use of virgin paper responsibly, protecting sustainable forests, and printing flight reports on responsibly managed paper, bamboo paper, and recycled notepads.

Yes We Can Fly!

Our Dedication To The Environment

We know we can. That’s why 100 percent of the electricity we use to power our hub offices comes from energy sources like solar, hydro, and wind power. We are that dedicated to the environment.

Yes We Can Fly!

Find Out More 

Fly Yadley has committed to environmentally-responsible operations through our ‘Environment Care’ policy. This comprehensive policy is communicated internally and externally to staff, customers and all stakeholders. Feel free to contact us and request a copy of this policy. The PDF policy is free of charge.

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