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Fly Yadley Virtual Airline is a virtual airline that exists solely in cyberspace and therefore doesn't transport real people or goods.
A Virtual Airline (VA) is an airline that exists solely in cyberspace, and therefore doesn't sell real airline tickets. Instead, it gives purpose and added realism to activities held in a flight simulator. Pilots who fly for a VA do so between certain set airports, with one of the airplanes that are part of the VA's fleet, and at certain scheduled times – just like in a real-world airline. A VA is also a meeting place for virtual aviation enthusiasts and provides flight training to its pilots.
Fly Yadley is one of the very few virtual airlines that actively supports all three major flight simulators: Microsoft Flight simulator, X-plane and Flightgear. You can fly on the FlightGear multiplayer servers, on VATSIM or on IVAO as long as you submit evidence of your flight by means of an ACARS system or a tracker URL.
No, you may fly as often as you want. HOWEVER: At Fly Yadley, we expect pilots to file an authentic pilot report within 10 days of signing up. If you sign up and don't fly within 10 days, we reserve the right to remove your account.
No, Fly Yadley pilots are allowed to fly on any server, or offline.
No. We allow our pilots to fly any aircraft in the fleet, regardless of pilot rank.
Promotions in the pilot ranks are based upon total hours. Each promotion brings a pay raise.
No. Why? This prevents false hour transfers.
We suggest you take the trip fuel from your pilot briefing. This is the amount calculated by our fuel planner.
You can go to your dashboard and click on cancel schedule. Alternatively, you may talk to a staff member to help you cancel your flight.
In this case, you have to file your pilot reports manually, and you need to provide a tracker URL for VATSIM, IVAO or Flightgear MP, so we can verify your flight.
Our ranking system is based on a real-life commercial pilots system; the more hours you fly, the greater the possibility of promotion.
Yes. The hub you signed up for should be considered your primary operating hub, however, you are allowed to fly flights starting or ending at either hub. If you find yourself flying more flights from the other hub, please contact us so you can be switched to that hub.
The forum is the best place to discuss anything you feel could enhance your experience. If not, you can always fill in the contact form.
Within reasonable limits (ie a few minutes) you may pause your simulator when using an ACARS system. Please note, that when flying on VATSIM or IVAO, the management of these networks strictly prohibit pausing your simulator!
You can always file it later. Just write down the fuel consumption, time taken, and the airports you flew from/to. When the site is back online you can file the pirep(s).

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