To avoid disappointment when flying with us, it is best to confirm space allotments and measure your bag before you pack. And if you stuff it to capacity, measure the suitcase again before you leave. Our standard measurements for the biggest carry are 10"x16"x24"


On longer journeys, especially the flights we make from Harare to beyond the Equatorial region low-cabin humidity can cause dry eyes, nose and throat. Before you fly, make sure that you drink plenty of water and fruit juice. 

You don`t know the kind of trouble you will possibly run into when you arrive. By having emergency numbers saved somewhere, you save yourself time and you can have peace of mind should an emergency arise.


Remember, as Fly Yadley we have our main base at Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe. To help us serve even more countries, we operate across several West and Central African countries, operating from our second hub in Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +263776338712

Email: [email protected]